The statement

According to the provision of <Private equity investemnt fund raising behaviour management measures> chapter 4, article 14:"private equity fund managers, private equity fund sales institutions should not raise money from non-qualified investors, must not promote a particular product  to non specific persons through  newspapers, radio, TV, Internet and other media or public lectures, report, analysis, and announcement, leaflets, SMS, WeChat, blogs and email and other means.

HYGT Fund follows the provision of <Private equity investemnt fund raising behaviour management measures>, only sell and promote to certain qualified investors.

If you are intend to invest in PE fund and meet the definition of qualified investors under the provision of <Private equity investemnt fund raising behaviour management measures>,that is as an qualified investors should be equipped with corresponding risk identification ability and risk bearing capacity, invest in one single PE fund no less than 1 million, personal financial assets no less than 3 millions or personal average income no less than 50 throusands in the past 3 years.Please carefully read this statement , when you sucessfully registered as an qualified investor of HYGT Fund, you can gain our HYGT Fund private equity investment fund promotion services.

About Us

Shenzhen Qianhai Guotong Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "HYGT Fund"), is a private equity and management fund jointly established and sponsored by HY Foresee Investment Group. We focus on private equity market, and committed to becoming a professional and outstanding asset management institution.


Relying on years of capital market experience, resource advantages, especially for the great supports from shareholders of HY Foresee Investment Group, we have a number of high-quality projects reserved that make us embrace a first-mover and resource advantages for the company. HYGT Fund overs a wide range of industrial investment and all levels of the capital markets.


Currently, the main business of HYGT Fund covers asset management, equity investment, M & A, industrial investment and so on.


News + more
2017 - 9 - 24

On 23th of September, HY capital’s subsidiary company–ShenZhen ChuangXinQi smart communication company held a product launch press conference in GuangZhou.We invited many well-known entreprenuers, domain experts and influential media representatives  to attend our conference.This conference promote our INEW smartphone i9, also represents our group's further development in smartphone areas.



2017 - 9 - 21

Few days ago, the president of Guangzhou Investment company Mr.Xu and our group’s president Mr.Kong went to Chengdu for inspection and evaluation of the   development of the local cultural tourism industry.Mr.Xu and our president intend to cooperate with government for further development of the local cultural tourism industry, facilitate the development of TianFu Garden Project and particilate in the construction of modern industrial base of huaizhou new town.


2017 - 8 - 8

On 8th of August, HYGT Fund held a opening ceremony in Guangzhou.The general manager  and vice general manager of HYGT, Mr Huang and Mr Lin respectively, and also our group’s directors, Ms Liu and Ms Chen attended the opening ceremony for celebration.Besides,many companies like China huaxin international, Everbright Finanical came for celebration.

2017 - 7 - 8

China Food and Drug Administration and Southern Weekly cooperate to held national food safety campaign.The topic of this  campaign is around Health industry.Many important people were invited to attend this activity, representatives of regulatory、authority experts in the field 、influential media representatives and some related public decion makers. While, Xiao Xiang Health, our group’s subsidiary was the only representive of Health industry to made a speech in this campaign.